The Right Sounds of Sleep

  • Snoring

Snoring is caused by the vibrations of your tongue, mouth, throat and airways vibrating, and this is especially prominent as your airways narrow and relax whilst you are sleeping. Of course, there are many other things that can cause an increase, or indeed trigger snoring. This includes being overweight, an overconsumption of alcohol, and smoking.

Snoring in itself is not a major problem (although the 95% of partners suffering might beg to differ) in terms of health. However, this could lead to something potentially more serious which is sleep apnoea. Instead of your regular snores, you can fall victim to gasping and choking, as your airways will narrow to the point to which you can stop breathing for a short period of time.


There are numerous methods that can help to decrease snoring and the risk of sleep apnoea. This includes reducing consumption of alcohol and smoking, losing weight and lying on your side. However, we have developed our own helping hand in reducing troublesome snoring – the Soundasleep pillow.

With the soundasleep pillow, there is a decibel setting that can be adjusted to safely wake you up if your snoring reaches an undesirable level. The alarm will allow you to wake up, adjust your sleep position, and return back to sleep with your snoring being regulated at a more satisfactory level.


It doesn’t stop there – with the soundasleep app you can monitor your snoring, making your chances of having a good night’s sleep stronger than ever before.