The soundasleep bluetooth speaker pillow


A good night’s sleep is vital to our physical health and emotional well-being. That’s why we invented the soundasleep pillow. Take full control of a smarter sleep by using the soundasleep app to control your pillow from the comfort of your bed. Relax listening to music, audiobooks and podcasts, monitor and manage your snoring, analyse your sleep or use our smart alarm to wake you up.


Your perfect sleep environment with the amazing soundasleep bluetooth speaker pillow for just:


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A pillow with a difference

The soundasleep pillow is an exciting blend of incredible comfort and digital technology. With a built in bluetooth speaker, merging the worlds of sound and sleep has never been easier. The pillow contains a multi-function button, a zip pocket that hides the micro USB charging cable, and the bluetooth speaker, all encased in a quilted microfibre cover to ensure prolonged comfort.


Multi function button

Quilted microfibre cover for long lasting comfort

Built in bluetooth speaker

Zip pocket and micro usb charging cable

Sound and Comfort

We have not ignored the need for optimum comfort when it comes to the pillow. The quilted microfibre cover has enabled us to not only create an incredibly comfy and satisfying pillow, but also a practical and effective protective covering for the built in bluetooth speaker.

100% polyester hollowfibre filling

Polyester microfibre outer cover

8 hour continuous playtime

1.5W Speakers


68cm x 44cm


68cm x 44cm






Version 4.0




DC5V/1A micro USB

Charging Time

3-4 hours

Continuous Playing Time

8 hours approx

Standby Time

60 days

Designed to work with

The soundasleep pillow is compatible with 1000’s of apps to enhance your sleeping experience. Try your favourite apps, music, podcasts and audiobooks from the comfort of your pillow.

The App

The soundasleep app is the perfect combination of our premium pillow design, the latest bluetooth speaker and sleep monitoring technology that ensures you get a better night’s sleep.

The Sounds

Explore the world of meditation and relaxation with the soundasleep app or broadcast your favourite media directly from your device into the built in bluetooth speaker, and ensure you never miss a kick of a ball, any beat of a drum, or any syllable of a sentence, with the soundasleep bluetooth speaker pillow.


Natural Sounds

Sleep Aid

Stress Relief