Listen to the Pillow

  • Entertainment

A passionate football fan, a keen heavy metal enthusiast and a budding traveller all buy the soundasleep pillow – here’s why they are all satisfied:

The football fan: With the Soundasleep pillow, they don’t have to miss a minute of any game. Through any compatible application, they can broadcast the live commentary from the games directly out of the Bluetooth speaker built in to the pillow. They’re also able to stay up to date on all the latest media news surrounding his club. Struggling to get to the games? The Soundasleep pillow is the best way to enjoy the games outside of the stadium.


The heavy metal fan: Music is a key part of this fan’s life, with heavy metal being their favourite genre to listen to. After coming back from a gig, they can’t get enough of one of the songs but they are incredibly tired from the night. They rest their head on the Soundasleep pillow, but only after connecting their phone to the Bluetooth speaker and putting their new favourite song on repeat. They have just found the perfect soundtrack to their night’s sleep.

The traveller: As they get ready to head off on the world wide journey of a lifetime, this person wants to learn a bit more about the culture of the places they are visiting, perhaps even picking up some of the languages spoken. With the Soundasleep pillow app, compatible language apps can be relayed through the speaker to help teach them the languages they desire. As a calming way of drifting off to sleep, they play an educational documentary on the history of their destinations for the travelling. Soundasleep, and sleeping sound in the knowledge.

These are just three examples of the type of person that would benefit from our pillow, as we can cater for a variety of people’s listening entertainment. The best thing about our pillow is your media can be whenever you want, and whatever you want. If you want to wake up to the sound of your favourite radio station, the latest music or continue with your podcast series, the soundasleep pillow can make this happen.


This pillow is the dream combination of entertainment and comfort, and we can’t wait for you to experience it.