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Sleep is a universal experience, and some do it better than others. But who does it better out of men and women?


The people at The Better Sleep Council have conducted a survey into both gender’s sleeping habits to determine if there was a clear winner. Here is what they found:

“While both men and women performed poorly – men’s sleep habits edged out women.

But not so fast on the bragging rights, guys. The survey results revealed a measly 3-point difference between men and women. And collectively, men and women on average scored a less-than-impressive grade of C-. Which means we all might not do it the same, but when it comes to sleep, we all could do it a little better.

Here’s what the research said:

  • Stressing about sleep. Our survey found that women tend to place a higher priority on sleep than men. But women were also more likely to feel stressed about getting enough of the good stuff and making it count.
  • Alcohol and sleep: Men need liquid courage. Who knew? Men take a little more coaxing to get under the sheets than women. Our study revealed they often needed a few rounds of cocktails before hitting the hay.
  • Perhaps, three is too much company – when it comes to sleep.  Women were more likely to allow kids and pets in the bed, resulting in frequent interruptions and decreased restorative sleep.
  • Waking up on the right side of the bed. When it came to rating how refreshed they felt after an 8-hour stint, more women reported waking up exhausted. And more men said they woke up feeling refreshed.

Putting a priority on sleep. This is where women and men perhaps see eye-to-eye. Almost half of all participants, men and women, said they do it for 7-8 hours on a regular basis.”

So whilst it was a marginal victory for men over women, both gender’s sleep has been identified as being far from its optimum.

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