Please have a look through help and support for an answer to your question. You’ll also find buttons throughout enabling you to contact our support team.

When you push down on the pillows power switch, a blinking blue light shows for approximately 1 minute, to indicate the speaker is on.

Inside the zip pocket, there is a master switch, that’s on the side of the USB charging cable. Once that is switched on, you can power the pillow on with the standby button.

Please check your phone settings and refer to your phone’s user guide  to make sure that the microphone is set to ‘Allow’ against the app.

For the app to work, it needs to remain open throughout the night. Please check your phone settings and refer to your phone’s user guide to make sure that the Auto Lock / Do Not Disturb and any other settings are not causing your phone to close automatically after a period of inactivity.

No, this will stop the app from working throughout the night.

To use the app through the night, please switch off the ‘Auto Lock’ option in your phone settings.

We are really sorry to hear this. Please check your spam/junk inbox. If you find it in either of the spam or junk folders please mark the email as “not spam”. Adding the sender email address to your contacts list can help, too. If you are unable to find the email please contact us and we will support you with this.

We offer multiple payment options with credit or debit card or PayPal.

Unfortunately, we don’t use cheques. Due to security reasons, we are only able to refund via the original payment method at the time of ordering.

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