Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep

We have harnessed the power of sound to enable you to create your perfect sleep environments, whether that’s the calm tranquil lapping of the waves, an audio book, your favourite band or our sleep monitoring alarms.

A good night’s sleep is vital to our physical health and emotional well-being. That’s why we invented the soundasleep pillow. Take full control of a smarter sleep by using the soundasleep app to control your pillow from the comfort of your bed. Relax listening to music, monitor and manage your snoring, analyse your sleep or use our smart alarm to wake you up.

We understand that sound makes a difference


The soundasleep pillow was created because we know how important sleep is. Through months of research, discussion and design, we truly believe we have uncovered a piece of revolutionary sleep technology that is proven to deliver a better sleep experience, and we want to share it with everyone.


We have incorporated the latest technology into our premium comfort pillows to ensure that your night’s sleep is enjoyed in your own custom made audio environment. Combining the experience of our sleep and audio specialists has resulted in the amazing soundasleep pillow.


With over 10 years of sleep product development expertise, we are proud to add the soundasleep pillow to our portfolio of sleep products. After years of dedication and understanding to sleep and it’s products, we are confident that the comfort, detail and finish of the pillow, combined with the speaker technology, is the perfect combination for a great night’s sleep.

The soundasleep speaker pillow

Soundasleep pending patent application – GB1804508.8

What they say

Get comfy and listen

Great product and even better service. What a unique concept, never in my life did I think listening to Saturday afternoon football would be so comfy! The speaker itself is  quality and the pillow is incredibly comfortable. This is a must have product for someone who loves listening to music, the radio or audiobooks, and especially with Christmas coming up, this is a great gift! Thank you Soundasleep.

My daughter and I love it

I bought this pillow for my daughter who loves listening to her podcasts and music before bed. However, I must confess that when she’s out the house I’ve been using it for my audiobooks. I’ve been very impressed at how good the speaker quality is, not forgetting how well this works as a pillow as well. I’ve not noticed a drop in quality at all from my usual speakers. This is a brilliant piece of technology.

Top service - great pillow

From ordering to using the pillow, I’ve been so impressed with soundasleep. The pillow itself is comfy, the app is extremely easy to use and navigate, and the speaker is high quality. Their service as a whole has been nothing short of first class, and the pillow itself is an incredibly useful (and comfortable!) product.

The pillow for everyone